Buckley’s Spoon: This is a semi miniature African violet hybridized by Buckley. The flowers are Single in type and medium blue in color. The leaves are Dark green in color and quilted, spooned in shape.

Buckly's Spoon (1)

African Violet * RS-Gertsoginea * Repkina * Standard *Russian* 2 leaves for sale

RS-Gertsoginea (S. Repkina)This is a russian standard African violet. The flowers are Big, double and semidouble in color. They are white in color with corrugated rings and plum-colored thumbprints. The leaves are light green in color and quilted in type. The plant was hybridized by Svetlana Repkina.

Russian African Violet Flower

moonlit waters standard african violet flower

Moonlit Waters: This is a Standard African Violet plant. The flowers are medium blue in color with a thin light purple frilled edge. The flowers are semidouble-double in type. The leaves are medium green in color and ovate, quilted in shape. The plant was hybridized by P. Sorano in 2008.

Moonlit Waters (2)

moonlit waters african violet flower