Fairy Fountains Semi Miniature Trailer African Violet

Fairy Fountains: This is a Semi miniature trailer. The leaves are glossy and light green in color. The flowers are pink in color. They are double in type and star shaped. The plant was hybridized by P. Tracey.


Fairy Fountains African Violet Plant

Cirelda Semi miniature African Violet

Cirelda: This is is a semi-miniature variety. The flowers are pink two-tone in color and double in shape. The leaves are quilted. The plant was hybridized in 1979 by P. Tracey.

cirelda (4).JPG

Cirelda Semi Miniature African Violet Flower

Charline Standard African Violet Flowers

Charline: This is a Standard /Large variety. The leaves are dark green in color with a red back. They leaves are Quilted/frilled in shape. The flower is Burgandy in color with a darker center. The flowers are ruffled and star in shape. They are Semidouble in type. The plant was hybridized by D.Croteau in 1989.


Charline Standard African Violet Flowers

Macs O Scarlet O Hara African Violet Flower

Mac’s o’ scarlet o’ hara: This is a semi miniature African violet plant. The flowers are Single to semidouble in type. The flowers are scarlett red in color and pansy shape. The leaves are variegated medium green and white in color. The leaves were hybridized by G. Mc. Donald


Macs O Scarlet O Hara Semi Miniature African Violet Flower