Robs Willawong Trailer African Violet Plant

Robs Willawong trailer This is a Semi miniature trailer. The flowers are Semidouble in type and bright pink in color. The are sticktite pansy in shape. The leaves are medium green in color and pointed in shape.


Hearts Aglow Standard African Violet Flowers

Hearts Aglow: This is a Standard variety known as Hearts Aglow. The leaves are dark, blackish-green, quilted foliage with a deep red reverse. The flowers are a beautiful deep fuchsia in color with blushing of various amounts of ivory in the centers. The flower type is a single-semidouble and is star shaped. This plant was hybridized by S. Sorano.

Scalloped African Violet leaf type

Scalloped: Leaf type. Sometimes called girl-type, so named for Blue Girl, the hybrid from which this leaf type was first developed. Describes an African Violet leaf with deeply scalloped edges, i.e., the edge forms a pattern of joined arcs or semi-circles. Often has a white or light yellow spot at the base of the leaf.

Scalloped African Violet leaf type

Scalloped African Violet leaf type