Redoubled Standard African Violet Flowers

Redoubled: This is a Standard variety known as Redoubled. The leaves are medium to dark green in color. The flowers are burgundy-wine frilled in color with variable white tips. They are double in type and pansy shaped. The plant was hybridized by K. Stork.


Robs Combustible Pigeon Semi-Miniature African Violet Plant Flower

Robs Combustible Pigeon: This is a semi miniature African violet variety known as Robs Combustible Pigeon. The leaves are medium green, yellow and white in color with crown variegation. The leaves are plain and serrated in shape. The flowers are pink in color with blue fantasy markings and a white edge. They are pansy in shape and semi-double in type. The plant was hybridized by R. Robinson in 2005.

Rainbows Quiet Riot Standard African Violet Flower

Rainbows Quiet Riot: This is a standard variety known as Rainbows Quiet Riot. The leaves are dark green in color. They are round, serrated and scalloped in shape. The flowers are blue-purple in color with white fantasy streaks. The flower type is a semi-double and flowers are star shaped. This plant was hybridized by R. Wasmund.